Survey Questions

Part 1: Organization Information

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What age range are your students?
Approximately, what percentage of your student body has some sort of personal electronic device that can access the internet (phone, tablet, computer, school provided laptop, etc)? Do not include shared family devices.
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If your organization is a school, please select all of the courses you currently offer.

Part 2: Resource Requests

Part 2a: Resource Requests: Workshops and Courses

Matches will be displayed based upon which workshops best serve your needs.

Organizations can have multiple Workshops and Courses Resource Requests saved to their account at the same time.

Are you looking for workshops and other class content opportunities?
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Part 2a: Resource Requests: Workshops and Courses

Many grants and other material resource donations are sponsored by corporations, nonprofits and charities who are looking to donate to organizations which meet criteria based on their missions. Results will display opportunities that your organization qualifies for as well as the option to filter by popularity to help your organization apply for opportunities you are more likely to receive.

Are you looking for funding and material resources?